Samen aan Z

Samen aan Z


There is a growing staff shortage in the care sector. Many care professionals want to leave, the burn-out risk is high. To tackle this problem, several Flemish and Dutch parties joined forces. In recent years, they have been working together on solutions under the name 'Blijf aan Z, gezond en wel in de zorg' with the support of Interreg. In the follow-up project Samen aan Z, we are also looking at how, as a care organisation, you can best allocate resources to employee retention.

Blijf aan Z
During Blijf aan Z, we made an analysis of the problem of outflow in the care sector: what causes care professionals to leave? We selected five major predictors of this. Based on this, we developed a measuring tool for care teams that mapped these predictors on a dashboard. We also carried out interventions on the work floor to prevent outflow and increase retention.
Fontys ICT and external company Innovactions developed a measurement tool that tracks the 5 major predictors of outflow at team level: personal factors, social capital, decision space, work demands and patient care. We call this the dashboard.

Samen aan Z
On 1 May 2023, the continuation of this project started under the name Samen aan Z. Together with 10 partners, we continue to work on increasing retention of healthcare professionals and strengthening their adaptive & innovative capacity. Specifically, we offer several free pathways for care and welfare organisations:
1. Trajectory Care2Adapt: for employees who will play a bridging role between innovation and the shop floor.
2. Trajectory Team Champions: for team members who will work bottom-up to increase resilience.
3. Pathway Leadership to captivate and engage: for managers working on developing a positive leadership style.
4. Trajectory Simuleerkracht: for entry-level nurses following a training programme to increase resilience.

Our role
Fontys ICT is working to broaden and validate the Blijf aan Z dashboard into an application form: an instrument to measure, among other things, resilience of individuals and teams, allowing more data-driven action to be taken. Besides contextual data and data from self-reports, this application will also integrate data from wearables, providing additional information on physiological parameters around stress and resilience of care staff and teams.
In Samen aan Z, in cooperation with StormIn, we aim to further develop the dashboard into a structural measurement tool for the prevention of outflow.