Professional games

Supporting mental health professionals with gaming tools.
Professional games


The centre of expertise Interaction Design IXD is a consortium member of Human Capital: Professional Games for Professional Skills. The aim of the consortium is to develop serious games that support mental health professionals in skill development and empathic interactions in online counselling. The timeline of the research project is March 2017 to February 2022.

As a consortium member Interaction Design focusses on game design, including virtual reality and mobile technology. The idea is to create an engaging, yet safe simulation environment that healthcare professionals can use to explore the possibilities of online therapy in a sandbox mode. The online simulation environment will be enhanced with two new gaming related technologies: concordance feedback to achieve empathic responding and virtual touch to give appropriate empathic signals. Mobile technology is used to allow for fast accessibility and high flexibility and the just-in-time interventions that characterize online counselling.

External partners in this research project are GGzE Eindhoven and Philips Research.